Current openings

No current openings.

How to join us

I welcome enquiries from prospective graduate students and postdocs. Studentships and postdocs tend to be funded through specific grants in the UK, so these will be advertised here whenever they get approved for funding.

Students with an excellent academic record (1st class undergraduate and a distinction in a relevant Masters level course) might be eligible for an Imperial College PhD studentship. Contact me if you would like to develop a project.

I welcome enquiries from overseas students or postdoc who have identified potential funding routes.

Current postdocs interested in applying for independent research fellowships are encouraged to contact me if you are interested in conducting microbial research at Silwood Park. We have had several successful fellowship applications in recent years and I would be happy to help in putting together a competitive application. Research fellowships typically require an outstanding publication record or other evidence of scientific potential.

The manor house at Silwood Park